From fabric wall panels to tin ceiling, we do it all

Because we know our clients expect the highest quality product and much expertise, in Ceiling By Decor Ltd. we use products from Armstrong commercial ceilings and Armstrong drop ceiling for our drop ceiling. We further specialize in fabric wall panels and tin ceilings, and we chose the most suitable ceiling tin tiles for your space.

Armstrong commercial ceilings and Armstrong drop ceiling are a great example of the work that we do and the materials that we use. Our highly specialized team is always ready to brighten and improve your space with the Armstrong commercial ceilings and Armstrong drop ceiling tiles. The Armstrong commercial ceilings reach a variety of possibilities due to the multitude of products that Armstrong offers. We are proficient with using the Armstrong commercial ceilings tiles and we have reconstructed many spaces by using Armstrong drop ceiling goods.

Along the creation of different ceilings with the use of Armstrong commercial ceilings and Armstrong drop ceiling tiles, we can supply your space with fabric wall panels. The fabric wall panels are extremely useful for acoustic purposes. With the installation of fabric wall panels we bring you the desired wall finishes without compromising the sound quality of the room. The fabric wall panels improve the acoustics of the room while at the same time providing a well decorated and comfortable space. For your convenience we have multiple fabric wall panels to chose from, so that your space looks and sounds as you want it to.

Our company is equipped to handle not only the fabric wall panels in your space, but we also provide tin ceilings installations. The benefits of tin ceilings are that they come in a diversity of types, such as nail-up and drop-in. This variety of types is further extended by the diversity of ceiling tin tiles. The tin ceilings are a very old tradition in the ceiling design, dating back to the 18th century. The practical tin ceilings are appealing to a variety of spaces, from homes to office spaces. The tin ceilings have a wide possibility of designs and are suitable for most spaces because of the large variety of ceiling tin tiles that can be employed. The tin ceilings are light but they still provide soundproofing to the room. Coupled with the fabric wall panels, the tin ceilings can create an enjoyable space for you to feel comfortable and at ease, while enjoying great acoustics. The ceiling tin tiles come in a variety of colours and patterns, which makes them highly applicable to any space. The materials of the ceiling tin tiles that Ceilings By Decor Ltd. uses are eco-friendly and recyclable, making the room as efficient and as functional as possible.

For our tin ceilings and fabric wall panels we use the most suitable materials from Armstrong commercial ceilings and Armstrong drop ceiling. The great ceiling tin tiles that we use to fit your vision further highlight our expertise and experience.